Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Q8 RV Commercial Shoot

shooting a video commercial for Q8RV Group

you can watch it on :

Monday, April 13, 2015

fototalks 2015

fototalk Conference 2015

 Selfie With My Friend /photographer Mariam Al Mesri
 Photographer Ali Bin Thalith
 at fototalks Confrence
 My colleagues of Light House Group
Photographers Abdulaziz AL Asousi & Yaqoub Al Kanderi

Photographer Challenfge between 
ALi Al Zaidi & Al Asbahi

Photography thru out the year (2014 to 2015)

 Paaet Exhibition 
 Failaka Trip With KU

Trip To Failka

 Abdulaziz Al Suryiaa products photography workshop
 Trip To Sabyia

 The City Magazine Mars Issue Editorial shoot
  The City Magazine February Issue Editorial shoot
 Failaka Exhibition At the College of Arts

  The City Magazine May Issue Editorial shoot
 Q8rv 1st Gathering Event
Photographer Bret Webster Visit to Ku
 The City Magazine Anniversary

 Kuwait's National & Liberation Day Celebration 

 Hala February Festival
 My Participation At kuwait's 
international book fair Exhibition
Kuwait Light House  Group at
 the Kuwait international book fair Exhibition

 bokeh workshop presented by 
photographer Maryam Al Mesri
 ASAD photography Competition for Horses
 Photowalk at Mubarkia

 Kuwait's University 1st flash MoB

 Photographer Ali Al Zaidi's Lecture
 shooting reportage of my TV interview
 Photography Trip To Bayt Al Bader
 LUMEN Store Opening event
 Taiwan Exhibition at the 
college of social Science
 Kuwait Art association art workshop
 Trip To under construction site of
 Kuwait university in Shadadya 
 Q8RV Commercial Shooting
 Food Photography workshop 
Phototalks 2014