Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Al Rai TV

It was a great pleasure working at Al-Rai TV as apart time job with Nayef Albashayra and all the staff there in "Raicom shabab" and "kids TV" :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dark Exposure

I Directed this movie right after my graduation from kuwait university in 2008 with my friends , for certain reasons this movie brings up bad and good memories , I would like to share the THRILLER only and some of behind the scenes photos

Behind the scenes

Advisory Ad

Another college project , 2008

Behind the scenes

Hummer Commercial

This was a project for one of my classes in Mass Communication Department with Dr . Yousf al Felichawi back in 2008 which we were asked to make some commercials ...

Watch the Video:

Behind the Scenes

KTV2 Training Course

Here are some old "behind the scenes" pics of my training field in Kuwait TV2 with Director Hussain Murad and during my final course in MassCommunication Radio/Tv Department .2008